Sintered Silicon Carbide


Silicon Carbide Parts Manufacturers in India

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Manufacturing of SSiC

Sintered alpha silicon carbide (SiC) is produced through initially mixing fine(sub-micron) and pure silicon carbide powder with non-oxide sintering aids. The powdered material is formed or compacted in a desire shape using dry pressing by highly precession mechanical press which gives the better accuracy and repeatability.

We have use Ultra high Vacuum Sintering Furnace having ultimate temperature in the range of 2200 Deg to 2300 Deg C for the pressure less sintering of Sic. WE have installed capacity up to 200 Kg/ batch.

Why SIC ?

The high sublimation temperature of SiC makes it useful for bearings and furnace parts. Silicon carbide does not melt at any known temperature. It is also highly inert chemically. SiC also has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion and experiences no phase transitions that would cause discontinuities in thermal expansion.

Silicon Carbide benefits :

Low density

Good high temperature strength (Reaction bonded)

High strength

Oxidation resistance (Reaction bonded)

Excellent thermal shock resistance

High hardness and wear resistance

Excellent chemical resistance

Low thermal expansion and high thermal conductivity

Silicon Carbide Parts Manufacturers in India


Silicon Carbide Application area :

Cermet use its own advance technologies and designing knowledge on wide range of components including:

Automotive component

Seal faces

Armor Plate

Mechanical seals


Blast and atomization nozzles

Process Industries valve applications

Centrifuge tiles and other wear part

Silicon Carbide Material Properties :

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