Highest Sintered density

SSiC components


Highest Sintered density up to 7.5 gm/cc

In SS 300 and 400 series material

Cermet Sintered Technology LLP - Sintered Parts Manufacturers in India

Cermet design and manufacturer advanced technical Ceramics, Metal, and Metal Carbide components from cutting edge technologies.
We offer a wide range of components, in-depth materials expertise, and vast applications experience in a broad range of markets.

Stainless Steel Sintered Parts Manufacturers in India, Silicon Carbide Parts Manufacturers in India

Cermet Sintered Technology LLP Companies is one of the best v4 segment manufacturers in India and Sintered Products for manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, wholesalers, distributors, traders, importers, and exporters segment, sintered plate, stainless steel components, stainless steel sintered parts, Silicon carbide parts, v4 segment in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. We are offering the top 10 stainless steel Sintered parts manufacturers in India. Get contact for Silicon carbide parts manufacturers in India, and sintered parts manufacturers in India.

Finished Products

On customer request, we also provide the assemble the finished product for end-users which includes different manufacturing methods and multiple other components. Cartridge type Mechanical Seal with SIC-SIC-VITON/ SIC-SIC-NBR.

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12mm 16mm 22mm

Research and Development

Cermet provides the designing facility on client request for V4 Segment Manufacturers in India. Save your time and create complex structured parts. Our engineers follow the optimum manufacturing process for different materials with a variety of features and fabricate all mold tooling required for prototypes to high volume. We are specialized in the research, development, and production of a wide range of Low-pressure Sintered Silicon carbide (SSIC). Our production team works closely with the end customer to ensure compliance with tooling requirements for maximum manufacturability.

Why Choose Us

Greater emphasis on product quality and price.
Raw Materials, Manufacturing Materials & Parts.
Researching, developing and then launching the product.

Cermet Sintered Technology LLP

We, Cermet Sintered Technology LLP from 2019 are actively committed to manufacturing & supply high-quality Stainless Steel Components, Silicon Carbide Products, Automotive Components, Silicon Carbide Parts, Industrial Pumps, And Gear Boxes Etc. Our offered range consists of best grade Stainless Steel Seal, SS Component, V4 Segment, Silicon Carbide Part and Stainless Steel Sintered Part, Industrial Silicon Carbide Part, SS Parts, Alloy PM Parts, Silicon Carbide, Black Silicon Carbide Part and Round Silicon Carbide, Black SIC Silicon Carbide Parts, Silicon Carbide Seal Ring, Silicon Carbide Bearings and Round Shape SIC Silicon Carbide Parts, Stainless Steel Pump Industries, Thrust Pad and Industrial Pump, Steel Automobile Parts, Stainless Steel Automobile Parts, and Cermet Automobile Parts, Silicon Carbide Parts Manufacturers in India, Stainless Steel Sintered Parts Manufacturers in India, V4 Segment Manufacturers in India with effective & timely delivery. We have a long large client base in this industry.